Website Audit

It’s no secret that search engine algorithms are continually changing. Having a comprehensive professional audit of your website on a regular basis is very important so as to maintain compliance with the requirements of major search engines such as Google. An audit will also ensure that all your SEO techniques are effective and up to date.

We are all familiar with the needs of servicing and maintenance but such attention is far more important in the online world. A properly conducted website audit will identify issues that require attention well before they can do serious damage to your business. And by implementing the required actions your website will continue to operate at peak performance, enhancing revenue.

A Website Audit isn’t an optional extra; rather it is a necessity.

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What is Website Audit?

A Website Audit provides a professional review and analysis of your website together with its content and inbound links. This includes the Website Design and Analysis of the Web Structure, Backlink Analysis, Page and Link Errors, Page Title and Meta Description Issues, URL Architecture, Analysis of Duplicate Content, Comprehensive Target Keyword Analysis, and so much more!

We recommend this service before you start any optimisation campaign for your website. When you want to invest in an online marketing campaign, particularly SEO, it is important to have an in-depth analysis of your website so we can customise your SEO proposals.

Website Audit Report – Why You Need It

Without doubt your website is THE core of your online marketing strategy. It is central to your online presence. Other marketing activities and techniques such as SEO, PPC, SEM, social media optimisation — they all direct traffic back to your site. They depend on your site operating properly but will be to no avail if your website is faulty.

Arranging an audit is a sound business decision provided that it is followed by appropriate corrective action. An audit is needed to detect deficiencies (including optimisation faults) in your site so they can be rectified.

Keep up with Google as they Update their Algorithms

A website audit shields your site from Google’s regular updates to their algorithms and provides a sound basis on which to set up and conduct your SEO strategies. It gives you the opportunity to optimise your site so as to get maximum benefit from the changes. Google and the other major search engines are continually refining their algorithms so that the most relevant search results are returned. Correct site optimization and resultant ranking are interrelated. Website audits carried out regularly are highly recommended, and it is particularly important that they be carried out following a major algorithm change.

Two of their recent and major ones were called ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’. So far there have been 25 Panda significant updates since 2011 and 3 Penguin updates since 2012 and these have affected more than 41% of search results. The Panda updates are generally focused on sites with low quality content and the Penguin updates are directed towards getting rid of web spam sites. It’s necessary to stay ahead of these algorithm updates. The best way to do that is by getting an audit report done on your website.

Our audits are comprehensive – here are some of the many activities:

  • Analysis of Website Structure and Design Guidelines
  • Check for Broken Links and Page errors
  • Check page tiles and line up with Meta Descriptions
  • Review content to ensure no duplicate content. Check for readability and presentation, grammar and syntax.
  • Evaluate Backlinks for quality and to ensure relevancy
  • Assess the URL Structure
  • Review Keywords structure and Competition analysis
  • Check for Mobile Responsiveness
  • And more …
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A Website Audit gives you a competitive advantage. It provides assurance that your website is fully compliant with Google’s algorithm changes and updates. It supports your SEO efforts so that you get the return on investment required.