Mobile Responsive Web Design Is THE Way of the Future

What’s the best way to scare off visitors to your website? … having a poor design! – or an antiquated, bland or ‘cheap’ looking website.

Just as you would want your storefront or reception area to be welcoming and inviting so too is it necessary that your website – your online storefront – be properly presented. For it is here that you want your visitors to find what they are looking for.

Studies have shown that from the moment a visitor lands on your website you have only a few SECONDS to convince them to stay on your website and receive your message. Otherwise they’ll just look elsewhere and you’ve lost a potential customer.

Intelligent design combined with high quality content is of the utmost importance. You cannot afford to do without them.

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What is a Mobile Responsive Web Design?

Here at DD World Marketing we offer many types of website builds. Our team
specialises in designing and building customised websites. We tailor our designs to meet the needs of your business. And by utilizing the WordPress platform we are able to build websites that can be loaded onto desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones – in fact onto any mobile device irrespective of its size. This gives your website a massive advantage over other non–responsive sites.

Why Build a Mobile Responsive Site? What is the advantage?

The mobile scene is changing rapidly – by the day!

Consider this: Recent studies have shown that 72% of smartphone owners have made a
purchase from their tablet-based local search. Yet approximately 98% of websites worldwide are still not mobile responsive! If your website won’t load properly for smartphone or tablet users, they won’t be able to see what your business has to offer, your products and services. Nor will they be able to make bookings or purchase your products online.

Making your website mobile responsive places your business at a huge competitive advantage! And much more than that – having a mobile responsive site is an absolute necessity.

In the very near future mobile users accessing the internet will outnumber users of desktop computers. Investing today in a mobile responsive website enables your website and your business to respond to the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s potential customers. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile users then you’re missing out of a lot of business.

The WordPress Platform – Why We Use It

We use WordPress for sound reasons:

  • it is highly customizable;
  • it is the best system for managing content – a truly awesome content management system (CMS)
  • uploading your own content is straightforward and easy, and you are able to update or change it whenever and as you wish
  • it’s SEO-friendly and works with the most popular SEO tools and techniques
  • it is the world’s largest and most popular open source web design platform; and
  • it is the world’s largest open source web design platform; and
  • it has more features, plugins and “add on” functionalities than any other design platform.

Wordpress enables you to build a website that will never go out of date, that can always be adapted to the internet as it evolves well into the future. In summary, WordPress is the obvious choice when designing your all websites and making it future-proof.

Summary of Our Web Design Services

  • We utilize the WordPress platform for all of our websites
  • Each website is customised and presented for your particular industry or profession
  • We use and recommend our unique Mobile Responsive design using WordPress Theme- based web designs to suit your business
  • We also build Mobile Responsive websites using WordPress customised to your business needs and requirements
  • Graphic Design and Mockup – Following content and design analysis, we will provide mockups of the website design (for custom websites) and source relevant images and appropriately embed these on your website. (Of course we can use images which you supply if you so choose.) We make sure these images are visually engaging and that they complement the overall aesthetics as well as enhance the written content.
  • As well as the above listed services we set up and configure your website’s email, your Contact Us forms, set up full website backups, and install the website on the server.


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