How To Optimise For Social Media

Today social media networks are more than simply great ways to keep up with old friends and family members. Social media has evolved and moved beyond to being a powerful marketing tool which, when used correctly, can help businesses bring in new sales and new customers. Our social media optimisation service aims to harness the power of social media assisting your business’s growth.

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What Is Social Media Optimisation?

 Social media optimisation (SMO) is a technique for attracting users of social media and social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media optimisation alerts users to the products and services that your business is offering. Your business’s network extends through your network of friends and fans to others who in turn can pass the word on to their friends and followers thereby creating a viral effect.

How Can Social Media Optimization Help Your Business Prosper? And Why Do You Need It?

Social media can do three things for your business:

  • It can begin by building brand awareness.
  • It can also help encourage your customers to be engaged with your business.
  • It encourages loyalty to your company.

Studies have shown that 65% of social media users do find information about different services and also businesses. And over half of these people share their experiences posting positive reviews when they like a product or service. Approximately 70% visit these pages to read about customer satisfaction through reviews posted by other people. Usage of social media in this way is rapidly growing year by year because buyers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations.

Most likely your customers are already looking for you on social media networking sites.

If you do not optimise your social media presence, you are not giving your customers and future customers a means of discussing your services and products, nor of giving you feedback which can prove most valuable to your business. Being willing to listen to your customers and providing the means enabling them to do so shows that you care, and they appreciate this.

Social media can only become more and more vital for every business. The best time to launch your Social Media Optimisation service right now!

What Our Comprehensive Social Media Strategy Means for Your Business

Our team focuses on formulating and executing social media strategies to have your business on the top social platforms and optimised for Australian use. In addition to the main social networking sites we include other popular ones such as YouTube, Pinterest, etc. We set up accounts on each of the sites and design the user profiles to suit your particular industry or profession.

1. Facebook– With over 1 billion active users each month, and growing day by day, Facebook is the largest (and most widely known) social media site.

  • Your existing and future customers are already on Facebook and you need to make it easy for them to find you. Importantly, for that to happen it is essential that your business profile be correctly optimised and that your business fan page reflects the services and products that you offer.
  • Your business contact information must clearly displayed, and consistent.
  • Your customers – both existing and future – want the business to have a human face, they want to see that you really care about them, are willing to respond to any questions they may have and to receive feedback.
    We ensure that your accounts are properly set up, are active and are well maintained.

2. Google+ (Google Plus) – This newer platform (and a competitor to Facebook) has rapidly grown into the second largest social network. It has over a quarter of a billion active users each month and has the power of Google behind it. And it is the SEO benefits that Google+ brings that make it so powerful. Indeed it is the perfect social platform for promoting your business.

Here at DD World Marketing we set up, authenticate and optimise your business profile information (that is, your business citation) with relevant keywords, photos and images which relate to your business. We ensure that this appears consistently across all media. Our postings of updates and reviews further promote and drive your business’ online social presence.

3. Twitter – Twitter has over 200 million active users who generate well over 300 million tweets PER DAY! Twitter is the third most popular social media site. We set up an account and user profile optimised so as to draw more followers for your business. We also post informative and useful tweets and re-tweets regularly and so gain even more followers to the benefit of your business.

4. LinkedIn – Though considerably smaller in number of active users than the abovementioned social media LinkedIn nonetheless has an important role in your social media strategy. It enables you to network with other businesses in your field or industry. It enables you to connect with people providing products or services which are related to yours.

Being able to network with over 85 million users in 200 countries presents enormous opportunities for you enabling you to expand your business reach worldwide. Our services include setting up your account with an optimised profile and maintaining an active presence in group discussions.

Optimisation of social media is intensive and laborious, requiring many hours daily of online marketing effort interacting with prospects. Indeed this optimisation can require your attention full-time. Astute business owners focus on what they know and do best – their core business.

Yes, keeping social media up to date can be daunting, but by leaving it with us we have staff to maintain your social media presence online thereby freeing you for your business activities.

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