Pay per Click (PPC) and AdWords Remarketing

Pay per Click is a type of online instant advertising where your ads are displayed to users who are doing searches on Google and the other search engines. These ads are related the keywords that you target. The paid or PPC ads can usually be seen at the top of the organic search results and sometimes at the bottom of the page as well. And on most pages PPC ads are likely to be visible at the right hand side also.

Remarketing is a specialised form of PPC – it is being able to have your banner ads displayed to your potential customer or client on multiple websites after they have already left and are then visiting a site within the Google Display Network.

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PPC as an alternative to SEO

One of the most common and best known forms of online marketing is by Pay per Click ads on the search engines. This technique can yield almost instant results whereas the organic or natural methods can take time. This paid advertising is based on search terms or keywords that are commonly used for searching online for a particular industry or profession. Setting up PPC ads requires expertise to ensure that the advertising is both effective and cost efficient.

Do You Really Need Pay Per Click?

Are you trying to rank your website for keywords that are highly competitive but don’t want to wait for SEO to take effect? Pay per click advertising (PPC) enables you to reach the front page of Google very quickly – such as within minutes, even for keywords that are highly competitive.

Do you need to get more visitors to come to your site? Do you need more conversions of those visitors into paying customers?

Surveys of businesses using PPC have found that 63% used it primarily to increase traffic to their website and 62% used it to get more leads. Also 57% of businesses surveyed reported increased revenue from online sales as a result of using PPC.

Advantages of Using Pay per Click Marketing and Remarketing Techniques

With Pay per Click Marketing you only pay when visitors click on your online ad. On the other hand traditional advertising requires payment for a huge media exposure to a very broad audience but with minimal if any targeting of your message.

What distinguishes PPC is that your message is focused towards or targeted at those likely to have some interest in it and you only pay for the advertising that is being used (even though it is your visitors who determine that.) You can have banners displaying your phone number and you don’t get charged when anyone phones you. Rather you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. That is, this method enables us to generate FREE phone calls for you to a massive audience!!!

Remarketing gives you the opportunity and the capacity to target those who have visited your website with banner ads that they see when they are viewing other websites within the Google Display Network. Again, you only pay when your banner ads are clicked on so you get free impressions which enhance the exposure of your brand. You have the option of targeting visitors who have yet to convert into customers or clients. You can also target your existing customers so that they continue doing business with you.

What We Do – Pay Per Click Services

  • PPC Account Setup
  • Extensive Research on Keywords
  • Setup and Monitor Ad groups and Ad Campaigns
  • Formulate and Work towards Traffic Targets
  • Manage PPC Costs
  • Track and Monitor Ad Conversion Rates
  • Perform Split Testing on Ads
  • AdWords Remarketing Techniques


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