Online Video Marketing for Local Business

Will this marketing produce new customers?

Local businesses are beginning to use video to attract new customers. If you’ve been online lately you’ve noticed some of these videos are popping up when you do a local search.

People these days enjoy watching videos and they do get people’s attention. Advertising on TV, radio and billboards and in print media will not work as they once did. People are now using high-end mobile devices such as Tablets, iPads and smartphones to locate businesses, restaurants, plumbing services, etc.

A well done local video commercial will bring new customers to any business. Let’s face the facts – people search for whatever it is that they need. Online video marketing for local business has become  the best marketing choice for many businesses.

How Commercial Review Videos Can Help Your Business

In recent years, business competition has become more intense as markets have turned global. This has been made possible by the growth of information technology. Since the Internet has reached all corners of the world, whatever is on it becomes accessible to people everywhere. Of course, companies take advantage of this. They bring their business online so they can promote it. In a way, this is positive since businesses have the opportunity of getting more customers. Moreover, promoting their brand names has become easier as various Internet marketing strategies, such as using commercial review videos, have emerged. Nevertheless, with the growing competition on the Internet, how can a local business win the top spot?

The Race to the First Page

Setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business is not enough. Having a website and a blog for it is also not enough. It takes more than having an online presence for a business to be a hit on the web. If you want to experience the power of the Internet in your business, then you need to understand that winning the race to the search engines’ top pages is the key.

What happens when you search for something on Google? For instance, when you type “restaurant in New York” in the search bar, you will get thousands—or even hundreds of thousands—of search results. These results are all about restaurants in New York. On the first page, you will find ten results. When you go to the next page, another ten will appear, and so on. Since you just need to find one restaurant for your dinner, of course, you would not waste effort in going through all the hundreds of search result pages. Most people usually check the first page only. That means that the rest of the restaurants on the second and successive pages are not relevant to the search. If your business was one of these New York restaurants, would you not want your website to land on the first page, and also at the top of the first page?

Online Videos Can Help

In order for your business’ website to be prominently seen it needs to be shown at one of the first five positions on the first page of search engine results for the particular keyword that you are targeting. The more visits a website receives the greater the ‘approval rating’ that search engines accord it, and hence the higher the position it receives (and, consequently, the more traffic it receives). Therefore, aside from making sure that your site has good quality, you need to think of ways to drive higher traffic to it.

Here is a tip for you. Posting commercial review videos about your product or service is the best way to get large volumes of traffic to your site. These videos are posted on social media like YouTube, and they are linked to your website. Therefore, if the video has a lot of viewers, Google will acknowledge the significance of the website that is linked to it. Therefore, your business will be shown among the top searches for the particular keyword or category.

Online videos are effective in securing your business’ website rank because they can attract the attention of your potential customers better than other approaches. Most people love videos, and the millions of searches on YouTube daily is proof of this. For this reason, the best way to get the attention of your target customers is by posting promotional or review videos of your business. Make sure that these videos are creative, interesting, and sincere, so that your viewers will be encouraged to try your service or product.

It is not very costly to make online videos. You can make them on your own. However, in case you need help in creating commercial review videos, you can look for online marketing agencies or teams that are expert in providing this service.