Online Reputation Management

The most important and valuable asset your business can have is your good reputation. We enable you to get weekly positive reviews from your customers, clients or patients using our proprietary system.

Nowadays Google is a household name and almost everyone searches Google to find information online. They even Google their own name and, of course, their business name to find out what others are saying about them – both positive and negative.

But what if they find something that they don’t like?

Well, that is what your customers and your potential customers also see. …

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If your customers don’t deal with you they will with your competition!

But how do you find out about any negative comments that could seriously affect your business before the damage is done? And what do you do about them? What is needed is to have a system in place whereby not only any negative reviews are attended to promptly but also that positive reviews are encouraged and promoted.

Here at DD World Marketing we help you keep across what is being said about you online and so help you to monitor your online reputation. We have a process for getting positive reviews from your customers and clients on a regular basis utilizing our proprietary system. And if ever a negative review arises we promptly advise you so that you can respond appropriately. By maintaining a steady stream of positive reviews our proprietary system will ensure that any future negative comments are buried in a sea of positive affirmation for your business.

In essence, Melbourne businesses now see and realize that Online Reputation Management is a necessity.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Just as in everyday life so too your online reputation is important. Today more and more people are checking online before they go to make a purchase. They are also looking to see the experiences of others – both good and bad. Even a lack of comments or reviews is seen as a negative because buyers instinctively want to buy from businesses which have products and services that are 5-star, and consistently.

So it is both critical and essential that your business online reputation be continually monitored and that both appropriate and timely action be taken – both to address and respond to any negative comment as well as promoting positive feedback about you, your products and services, and indeed your brand.

Why Should You Monitor Your Online Reputation?

Studies have found that 78% of customers research products and services online before buying, and 80% of people who have seen a negative review have decided not to buy from that business. In today’s world your business is at the mercy of online reviews and comments. But – positive and 5-star reviews can work to your advantage!

Online reputation management (ORM) enables you to respond to negative comments as soon as they are posted on the internet. Furthermore, proactive ORM also allows you to optimise positive reviews about your business, your products and services. And in this way the favourable reviews dominate the results that the search engines provide, and this will push down any negative ones out of sight of most visitors.

Research has also found that 44% of adults search online for information about professionals (e.g., dentists, doctors, physiotherapists, lawyers) or tradespersons (e.g., plumbers, electricians, motor repairers). Online Reputation Management therefore is an effective and astute way to give a very favourable “first impression” online.

Our Online Reputation Management Services

    • Restore Your Online Reputation – We collect and post positive comments and reviews about your product, service, or business. These reviews are posted on review sites that have significant authority in the online world. These positive reviews are able to mask and dominate over any negative ones. Our focus is to promote positive comments about you or your business and thereby “push down” any negative reviews out of view.


    • Social Media Renewal – We review your current social media accounts (or set them up, where necessary) and profiles and make any necessary changes to have them optimized for your particular industry or profession. Social media is 24/7 so you need to keep across it to ensure your reputation not only remains without blemish but is enhanced. We can help build a loyal band of fans and followers and optimise your Twitter and Facebook accounts with tweets and page updates, by joining relevant groups, and by participating in discussions. In other words, we can connect you with your existing and potential customers.


    • Other Services – Amongst the comprehensive range of web services that we offer our clients is website analysis – vital for every business. We ensure that all content on your website is relevant to the search terms; we ensure that all backlinks to your site are of the highest quality; and we evaluate the backlinks of your competitors with a view to ranking higher than them. We analyze your current online presence and create a customized campaign online to best utilise your existing branding. Based on this analysis we set up additional blogs and micro-sites to increase the ranking of your pages on the major search engines.


Make sure that your customers and prospects, when searching online, see your business as THE business they want to do business with. Our Online Reputation Management services in Melbourne, AU, can help capture the attention of your target market while enhancing your image.

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