Glowing, Positive Reviews are Essential for Your Business – But … How Can You Get Them??

In today’s marketplace your business cannot survive – nor prosper – unless you have ongoing genuine positive reviews because people buy from people that they trust.

We are all familiar with “word of mouth” and its impact on buying decisions. But today online reviews both positive and negative are displayed 24/7 – clearly visible for the world to see.

But, what are people saying about you, about your business? Do you know? Have you checked this out?

Whether you are aware of it or not, whether you agree with it or not people are talking about your business – just go online, enter your business name and city, and your business reputation is there for all the world to see.

And is what they are saying bringing you more business? Or turning business away from you – to your competitors?

Prospective buyers want assurance for their buying decisions. They want to be able to trust the business. They look for skill, competence and authority in the particular business.

They even compare businesses with positive testimonials. And what they see can be the catalyst for them to choose your business over another.
Like word of mouth but far faster and more powerfully, negative reviews can cause trust to be shattered and lost. At the click of a mouse prospective buyers RUN from your business – to your competitors.
So, do you know what people are saying about you, about your business?
If you don’t, then you’d best check this out yourself.

Why? – Because your online reputation may well be why you’ve been losing business, or why business has been slow.

Reflect for a moment. Think about your own buying habits. How do you decide whether you will buy from this or another business?

Most people ask around, they ask friends, family, associates, anyone whose opinion they value. They ask someone who has already bought the product or service. And increasingly they go online to read what others have said about the product or service.

Do Positive Reviews or Negative Reviews drive your buying decisions? Which one?

Say for example that you needed to get your fence attended to.

What would you think if you saw these reviews online?

Reviews for Business A:

(1)     “Said they would come on Thursday. I waited all day for them. Next morning I called them; they said their truck had broken down and they didn’t know when it would be back in use. Avoid.”

(2) “Requested some simple repairs. They said the whole fence needed to be replaced. They were only interested in an easy job. They thought I
would succumb. I went elsewhere.”

(3) “Turned up, did the job but left mud everywhere. Did not properly clean up after they had finished the job. Called the office to get it done. They had been paid and were not interested. A poor way to do business.”

 Reviews for Business B:

(1) “Awesome! No wonder these guys are so successful. They listened to what we needed, gave us a firm quote (very reasonable). They arrived on time, completed the work to our satisfaction and left the area neat and tidy. They obviously enjoy their work, and that shows in the quality of their workmanship.”

(2) “A family business. They took care to do what work was necessary. Explained the different types of timbers and gave us some great tips for painting and looking after our fence. I’ll mention this business to my brother-in-law as he deals with rental properties that need fencing done. Highly recommended.”

(3) “Being about 20 years old the fence used different timber to what is used nowadays. This business went out of their way to get exactly the right timber so that the repair work perfectly matched the existing fence. My neighbours noticed the attention to detail and they also want the same business to do work for them.”

So, Business A or Business B – which one would you choose?

An easy choice, isn’t it?
It’s clear HOW positive reviews can affect your business. Success breeds success.
Fortunately, if your business has a few reviews then we can show you HOW to get more positive ones.
And if, however, you have negative ones then we can still help you to turn around your online reputation.

Our proprietary system enables your business to gain and retain a 5 star reputation online. We show you the way to get authentic positive reviews and testimonials from your customers, clients, patrons or patients as the case may be, with on-going positive reviews outnumbering negative ones.

In Summary 
Reviews are absolutely central to your business. Today businesses cannot prosper nor survive without on-going positive reviews.
What people say online can make or break a potential sale. Alas, extensive damage to your business may already have occurred without your knowing it.

There’s no other way – whatever people are saying about you and your business will affect it – either positively or negatively.
Don’t let negative reviews ruin your business.

Let us help you to get on-going positive reviews which every local business needs not only to survive but also to thrive in today’s marketplace.

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